Our Story

Tally Vintage truly was nothing more than just a hobby started out of my closet in late 2014 while I was a freshman in Tally, just selling dope gear to my friends. 

Eventually vintage as a trend picked up steam, so I brought it out to the masses around campus and seemingly overnight it just took off. I still think a lot about the times when I was just waiting patiently knowing that this trend was going to pop and sure enough it not only popped but become a full blown WAVE. 

Fast forward to 2020 when my sister officially came on board, creating this full blown digital presence you see today. Now, we can finally share our amazing curation with the world while continuing to provide you all with the best gear!

That being said, we are so hyped to bring you all the long awaited new chapter of the brand, and invite you all to come along for this incredible journey!